Simple. Safe. Can & Bottle Recycling Service

Recycle your cans & bottles from the comfort of your home using our mobile bottle deposit return service.

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Value Your Returnables

You can count your cans & bottles, or if you don't want to get your hands dirty, simply use our quick estimator to value your returnables.


Schedule Pick Up

Let us know when your cans and bottles will be available and we will schedule a pick up. Please note - you will need to place your cans and bottles in an area accessible to our returner.


Confirm Details

In this step, you will have the opportunity to confirm all the final transaction details such as how much money you will receive upon pick up and any special instructions, etc.


Get Paid

You will be paid 5¢ for each can and bottle - sent when the returner pick up is complete. You also have the option to donate your money to local businesses, non-profits, or fundraisers that have signed up in your area.

How much will I be paid or donate?
Customer payments are based on estimated cans & bottle quantities submitted with your order.
Total Donations: $16,403.49
Donations from customers to local non-profits, small businesses, and fundraisers in their community who simply used Sipzee to recycle their empty cans & bottles.